Keirlyn (ShadowAxe)

Quirky Elven Assasin


Body count from her guild days: 423
Number of children: 71
Number of women: 159
Number of Men: 193
People who were collateral damage: 48
Percent of people who actually deserved to die: 28%

Favorite animal: Cats
Likes to: Teleport. Also to play hand games with her shadow. And run downhill. And make stuff from ribbons and beads and charms and wires.


Keirlyn and her twin brother Kerin were orphaned at a very young age when their home caught fire in the middle of the night. The pair lived off the streets, starving and scraping. Often times it was only the presence of the other that kept them going. Eventually they were picked up and deposited in an orphanage. Soon after, pueberty hit and when it did so did some illicit feelings. Eventually they were discovered and when they were Kerin attacked her, clawing at her eye and blinding it.

Having succesfully making it seem that he had been forcing himself on her, Kerin’s actions saved her life and cost him his own. After they hung him, they exiled Keirlyn. Though she was innocent, she was still tainted.

Keirlyn might have taken her own life then, but she was given a torn page from a book about ressurection and rebirth, as well as a note from her brother ‘Break the blood break the cycle’. She decided to dedicate her life to finding the rest of the book and saving her brother from death.

Ironically in her desire to return life to one person, she wound up in a situation where she had to take many, many, many lives away. As an assasin for the Guild of Arcane Silencers, Keirlyn all but swam in oceans of corpses of her own make.

She was forced to flee the guild several months ago and has since joined a rag tag group of adventurers who are trying to save the world from Orcus and are just really, really bad at it. One of it’s members, Cerbel BattleAxe, adopted her as his own and into his clan, turning this eye patch wearing elf into a Dwarven Princess, since his is a Royal bloodline.

Keirlyn has developed a somewhat erratic attention span as means of coping with her past. In addition she has a slightly child like nature as she is catching up on all the emotional and social development she missed out on while working for the guild. She is extremely excitable and likes to give hugs, just as long as you understand that never, under any circumstances, should you try and initiate a hug and invade her personal space. Stay out of her Personal space. PERSONAL SPACE.

Keirlyn (ShadowAxe)

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